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Paint Colors

At GenTex Painting, we have the experience and know how to turn your exterior house painting project into a reality. Our exterior painting professionals will transform the exterior of your home or office on time and within budget. We'll take the time to clean and prepare the surface of your home to ensure the best paint adhesion. Actually, we often spend more time preparing to paint than actually painting – this is critical to long lasting paint jobs!

We'll work side-by-side with you to choose the proper colors and corresponding finishes to ensure your home turns out the way you envision. Also, we can work within your budget and help ensure that your color selections fit the architectural style of your home. When you're ready to experience Painting Done Right, call us today at


Home Exterior Paint Colors

With all of the many home exterior paint colors and options, it can be hard to make a decision for your home exterior painting project . It is usually easier to make a choice when the alternatives are few, however when it comes to home paint ideas the alternatives to choose from are abundant. Some may find the abundance of options exciting, while others may be overwhelmed and turned off by the weight of the choice. When you choose GenTex Painting for your home exterior painting project, you will not be alone when you need to decide on home exterior paint colors.

As reputable non-toxic exterior painting contractors serving the greater San Antonio area, it is our goal to provide you with unparalleled top notch service which includes a home exterior paint color consultation. Whatever your needs when exploring home paint ideas, GenTex Painting will be with you every step of the way.

Home Paint Ideas
When entertaining home paint ideas, it is important to pick colors that complement each other effortlessly.
Start by looking around your neighborhood and getting some inspiration there. Do the homes in your area encompass a particular color scheme? Perhaps picking a color that blends with the neighborhood is a good idea.
What is the architectural style of your home? If your home has a distinct architectural style the color choice may be more obvious than it seems.

Consider painting your front door a bold color and letting that be the inspiration for the other exterior colors.
Explore popular home paint ideas. They are popular for a reason.

For more information about how to choose the right exterior paint colors, call GenTex Painting today! It would be our pleasure to explore home paint ideas for your exterior home painting project. 

Expert Exterior Painting Contractor

Color Makes All of the Difference
Perhaps there is nothing else that provides a home with instant curb appeal as effectively as a new paint job. At GenTex Painting, we believe that color makes all the difference! Contact the best exterior painters San Antonio today. Why wait? Your home is just a phone call away from looking its best.
Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal Instantly.

We can help you liven up your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint. You choose the color and our professional painting contractors will add the paint! With our residential painting experts at GenTex Painting doing the work for you, there’s no hassle and no mess. Plus, due to our reputation for customer service and satisfaction, you’ll have every reason to be confident that you are hiring the best exterior painters San Antonio in the business!  

We’re always on time, on budget, and clean. Our company is locally owned and operated. What’s more, we know color! We can help you achieve the look you’re striving for.  

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