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Low & Zero VOC

For a sustainable way to refresh your space, try painting the interior of your home with zero VOC paint using bold colors. These paints are free of organic chemicals called as VOCs, which are known to cause health problems such as nerve damage and respiratory issues.

Low and Zero VOC Painting Contractors

 Here at GenTex Painting, we are seasoned low and zero VOC painting contractors committed to making sure all of our work is conducted in the safest manner, posing the least risk possible to our employees, customers, and the environment.
It is our sincere goal to always provide services that are safe, affordable, and conducted by the best in the field. When you choose GenTex Painting for your residential or commercial painting project, you are getting dedicated professionals that only use natural non-toxic paint for every job.

It is well known that inhaling paint fumes poses health risks with some nasty and immediate effects after prolonged exposure.
Seasoned painting professionals are aware of industry best practices that work to decrease the health risks associated with the profession. Using proper painting equipment, keeping work areas well ventilated, and undergoing the appropriate safety trainings are all important aspects of safe painting practices. However, no professional painting safety practice is more important than using non-toxic paint.

Benefits of Hiring Low and Zero Voc Painting Contractors
There are many benefits to using low and no VOC paints including:

The low and zero VOC paints we use are even safe for babies and pets alike.
These paints have low odor and do not emit the harmful gases that traditional paints do.
Using low and zero VOC paints for your interior painting or exterior painting project can also drastically improve the quality of indoor air in comparison to higher VOC paints.

Let Us Help You Go Green!
If you would like to learn more about non-toxic painting from the low and zero VOC painting contractors with GenTex Painting, call now! With one phone call we can schedule a free no obligation consultation and provide you with additional information about our highly sought after non-toxic painting services . Proudly serving the Low & No VOC Painting Contractor needs of Greater San Antonio and the following areas: Boerne, Bulverde, Spring Branch, Canyon Lake and surrounding areas.
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Reliable Green Painting Contractor

Each of our residential painting services can promote sustainability and leave a minimal impact on the environment while leaving a perfectly painted surface. As always, our core standards remain the same: We put our customers first, we provide a free price estimate, we arrive on time, we stay on budget, we do the job right, and we leave a clean workspace and a finished surface. Our green painting initiative means that our customers get to feel that much better about their efforts to protect the planet while also improving their homes!
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