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For a sustainable way to refresh your space, try painting the interior or exterior of your home with zero VOC paint using bold colors. These paints are free of organic chemicals called VOCs, which are known to cause health problems such as nerve damage and respiratory issues.

Lifetime VIP Maintenance Program

Protect Your Investment
All for less than $1 a day!

Does the exterior of your home need some TLC?

GenTex Painting can spruce up your home with our affordable Exterior Maintenance Program. Our exterior maintenance services will help the exterior of your home shine, while extending the life of your existing exterior paint job.  As our customer, you will also have the option of being added to our annual exterior maintenance program to keep your home looking newer longer.  When you use GenTex Painting for your exterior painting we want your home to look it's best at all times!

Services included:

10% off any service all the time
Inspect all exterior caulked joints for failure that could lead to damaging water leaks and air leaks that can raise your heating and cooling costs and fix as needed.
Bi-Annual power washing of your home to clean the exterior and keep your new paint job looking fresh and extending the life of the paint. (sidewalks and driveway included, decks and patios can be priced out separately at a discounted price)
Clean your home of dirt and mildew.
Inspect the paint for any fading, cracking, chalking, or peeling
In case of paint failure caused by manufacturer's defect, we will work with the manufacturer to get your Maintenance Program issues fixed
Inspect gutters and downspouts for leaks and proper drainage
A detailed inspection report of our findings upon inspecting your home along with any suggestions we might have to fix problem areas
Replacement of all exterior door hardware for free (labor only)

How does it work?

When you purchase an exterior paint job from GenTex Painting you will have the option of adding on the Exterior Maintenance Program.
If you choose the Exterior Maintenance Program we will come back  twice a year after the paint job is complete and perform a power washing and inspection.
We will schedule the time and date with you a month prior and once we have completed the inspection and power washing we will send you a detailed inspection and schedule any maintenance work at that time.
If we find problems with your home that aren't paint related or due to lack of craftsmanship by GenTex Painting, we will either offer to fix the problems at a low discounted cost  to you or refer you to a company who can take care of it for you.
The Exterior Maintenance Program continues for the life of your home until you request otherwise or if an invoice for the program goes unpaid for ninety (90) calendar days.
The Exterior Maintenance Program is transferable, one time, to a future owner of the home.


Knowing that a trained professional will be inspecting your home twice a year and can catch problems early before they get costly.
Keeping your home looking it's best year after year for a cost that is less than we would normally charge to only power wash your home.
Lower heating and cooling bills due to failed caulking joints
Added value that your paint job will look great and last for years to come.
Peace of mind that your home is protected from costly water damage and air leaks.

Paint and Touch-ups:

If we painted your home and you need painting or touch ups not covered under your warranty, we can take care of those areas on an hourly basis of $25 an hour per man plus materials.

What does it cost?

The cost of the VIP Lifetime Maintenance Program will be per year:

$350 yearly

Life Time Warranty
GenTex Painting is excited to offer our new service to all new and previous GenTex Painting customers. The service is our very own “Life Time Paint Job”.
GenTex Painting now offers annual cleaning and inspections of your home and paint job for the life of your home. Here is how our new service works.

GenTex Painting will paint your home with Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Behr paint that has a 25 year warranty. Upon completion, GenTex Painting Painting will follow up with your paint job annually by power washing your home and completing a thorough inspection of most exterior components.
A detailed inspection report will be completed and mailed to you for review.

Program Benefits
1. Clean and refresh your exterior paint job once a year
2. Clean windows with power washer for proper window drainage.
3. Confidence to know a paint professional will inspect your home for paint related issues on an annual basis.
4. Removal of contaminants and dirt that will reduce the life of your paint and siding.
5. Inspection of sprinklers for over spray on structure that will damage paint and siding.
6. Inspect caulking joints for failure that will lead to water penetration and damage.
7. Inspect paint for fading, cracking, chalking, and peeling. Follow up with paint manufacture for all warranty related issues for the life of your home.
8. Inspect gutters for proper drainage and damage to fascia from water and dry rot.
What does it cost?
The program GenTex Painting is offering will cost only $125 a year for inspection and cleaning. Once a year GenTex Painting will schedule to power wash your home and complete a detailed inspection report.
The inspection report will be mailed to you along with an invoice. Our service gives you the peace of mind that your paint job will last a lifetime or the life that you own your home.
Most paint failures occur due to lack of proper care. Broken sprinkler heads, paint chalking, contaminates, waxing, damaged siding, broken or clogged gutters, mold or mildew, damaged roofing, clogged window drainage holes, ECT.
Once a year GenTex Painting will clean your home and do an inspection for all such issues. Any issues that may decrease the life of your exterior siding or paint job will be brought to your attention.
If the issues are not related to paint failure, such as sprinklers, gutters, mold, ECT GenTex Painting will offer to repair such items or damage at a minimal cost.

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