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Property Management Painting keeps commercial and residential properties looking their best by having tidy paint. Whether you want regular touch-ups, seasonal refreshes for your trim or all new paint every year or two, GenTex Painting can help you maintain a clean, professional look on any type of property. Our high quality paints and excellent craftsmanship yield lasting results that keep ongoing maintenance costs low.

Your San Antonio Expert Commercial Painters

For all of your light commercial and property management painting needs, GenTex Painting has you covered. As specialists in the field of residential painting, we bring a unique sense of service to your project that is uncommon among companies that focus more on commercial painting. Whether we are working in an office building or repainting a massive condo complex, will make sure every aspect of the job is executed with the same care and diligence that we serve to our valued homeowner clients.
And as always, we guarantee you will get the maximum value out of your investment, as we provide our signature exceptional level of quality at a reasonable price.

Special Note to Property Managers & Homeowners Associations: 
We want to work with you to help you handle the daunting task of planning & executing paint work maintenance on your buildings! We know that getting everyone to agree is difficult, so why not make it easy – Just call GenTex Painting and we guarantee we will provide maximum value on your investment and leave every client thrilled with their building maintenance.

Our promise:
Treat every tenant/owner as a valued customer
Provide direct communication with tenants & homeowners; post applicable notices & warnings ahead of time to keep tenants & homeowners informed of job progress and what we need for cooperation.
Keep common & private spaces neat & clean – minimize impact on day-to-day activities of tenants & homeowners
Use our problem-solving approach to provide top-quality work that looks great and lasts, maximizing maintenance cycle longevity and minimizing ongoing costs.

Commercial Services:
Office Repainting
Commercial Building Interior & Exterior Repaints
Retail Space Interior & Exterior Repaints
Municipal Structure Repaints
PM Services:
Condominium Complex Exteriors
Home Owners Associations
Rental Buildings
Maintenance & Continuing Care
Maintain Your Business with GenTex Painting
At GenTex Painting, we understand that aesthetics and perceived value go hand-in-hand. For offices and retail spaces, our goal is to help you make the right first impression on potential clientele. For residential spaces, our goal is to help you protect your properties’ rental and resale values. We offer exceptional service and unique choices like eco-friendly, low-VOC paint that can give your properties an edge in today’s competitive market.

Preparing for maintenance can be daunting, but we are here to take the load off. Our flexible scheduling makes it easy to plan around peak hours and minimize disturbances to your daily operations. Our teams always conduct themselves with courtesy and professionalism. We strive to be unobtrusive, and we stay tidy and clean up as we go along.

Maintenance Contractors Specializing in Painting
As your maintenance painting contractor, we put quality, integrity and your satisfaction above all else. At GenTex Painting, we are up front about time and cost estimates, and we will work with you to find creative solutions to meet your budgetary needs. Our crew sizes are large enough to finish jobs on time, and you are never more than a phone call away from your project manager.
We strongly believe that open communication is crucial to building a lasting relationship with our clients. You will receive as much information as you want, including regular progress reports, and to address any concerns you may have. We want you to be confident in the decisions you make and your ability to answer questions from your employees, tenants and customers.

Skilled Property Maintenance Painters
We maintain large teams of skilled, highly experienced professionals that know how to handle many different materials, properties and job requirements. From the tiniest details to giant warehouses, nothing is too complicated for us.
We are happy to do interior and exterior paint maintenance on properties like:
Apartments, condos and townhouse complexes
Office buildings and parks
Municipal structures
Strip malls and retail spaces
Individual businesses and offices
Properties controlled by Home Owners Associations
Rental properties
If you are looking for a maintenance painting contractor that can promise superior workmanship, integrity, and lasting results,
GenTex Painting will rise to the challenge. Call us today for more information.  210-362-4466
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Reliable Commercial Painting

Painting & Property Management
We know what a hassle painters can be to condo and apartment residents during a big painting project. That’s why GenTex Painting takes special care of our managed property paint jobs. Whether you are in need of a single unit refurbishment, multiple building facelift, or just a simple refreshing of common areas and hallways, we will be there!

Commercial Painting Experts Since 2001
We meet with your management team every step of the way to draw up a plan that best meets the routines and needs of your residents. Don’t be concerned about the mess most painters leave behind. We conduct a thorough end-of-day cleanup every day we’re on the job. For a commercial painting job that makes everyone happy, including your residents, call your local GenTex Painting location! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Some features of our property management services include:
  • Hassle-free painting that won’t disturb residents
  • Full exterior painting on all surfaces, such as wood, stucco, and vinyl
  • Full interior painting including entryways, hallways, ceilings, walls and trim
  • Apartment turns—any size, any location, any volume
  • Scheduled coordination with property managers as well as residents

Call GenTex Painting today at (210) 362-4466 for more information!
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