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We stop wood rot from damaging & devaluing your home.  Wood Repair & Replacement Solutions

 San Antonio Expert Wood Repair

Exterior trim is highly susceptible to rot, even when it’s well maintained. How can you tell if your exterior wood trim is rotting or starting to rot? Check for cracked or peeling paint and areas of wood that look noticeably darker than the wood around them.
Rot isn’t the only reason exterior wood needs to be replaced. Normal wear and tear takes its toll on trim, windowsills, framing, fences, siding, and all other exterior wood elements. Professional exterior wood replacement can extend the life of your home’s façade, decks, and fences while polishing and refreshing its curb appeal.


Siding replacement – Is most of your siding in good shape—with occasional damaged areas or panels? GenTex Painting can match the siding color and grain and replace the damaged areas for a fresh, clean look.
Replacing damaged shutters – Broken or marred shutters can make your house look old and sad! Let us replace them with completely new shutters or matching replacement parts.
Fixing damaged framing – Don’t let beat-up framing get worse. GenTex Painting can restore the dented and damaged areas. 
Repairing damaged decks and porches – Broken-down porch or deck railings and boards add years to your home’s look. Replacing the parts in disrepair will add new life to your outdoor space!
Fence repair – A refreshed fence can elevate your home’s curb appeal. Replacing broken posts and rails can also enhance security and privacy.
Replacing damaged patio covers and balconies – Restoring the wood on your patio or balcony will recharge your exterior recreation space.

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We can assess whether you need repair or new installation?

When you call us for consultancy, it is our responsibility to give the best suggestion to you. We verify the site and assess the damage. If you need a total revamping of the siding, then we tell you the approximate cost and time needed for the same.  We fix them in the least possible money in the town. We make sure that you are served with paramount quality and utmost perfection. With a team of dedicated and learned people, you get service that is better than the best.  We believe that your satisfaction is our success.
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