At GenTex Painting, we follow a step-by-step process for every exterior project in order to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared before the start of any painting job as well as to protect any of your valuables and areas of your home that are not being painted.


After scheduling your quote, you will meet the owner of GenTex Painting John Kelly. John will create a custom quote on the spot and review your project. The quote process is hassle-free with no obligation. Your quote will include details of how GenTex Painting will complete the project properly and on time.

Once you have made your decision to proceed, John will coordinate every phase of the project from color consultation to the final walk-through and inspection.

  • Quick on-the-spot custom quotes
  • Work directly with the owner, John Kelly
  • Free color consultation and Free custom color matches
  • Low Deposits
  • Walk the completed job with John Kelly before final payment
  • Have your paint labeled and stored for you upon completion of the job

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence and in doing so, have created a structured, cost-effective process from the beginning of your project all the way to the end.

One of our Design and Paint Experts will come to your home or office to discuss your project. We will get a complete understanding of your goals and expectations. This will create the foundation for performing your project with great care, on time and on budget.

Once we understand your goals, we will prepare a fully detailed project proposal from start to finish. We want your expectations to be met and will review the project quote in detail with you.

After you have approved the proposal, you will receive a complete understanding of the process from start to finish. We want your paint or wallpaper project to run smoothly. We are very flexible and will work with your scheduling needs.

Our professional painters are the best at what they do; painstaking preparation, careful coating application and an eye for details. We will begin your project by thoroughly preparing the surface to prevent adhesion issues of the material we are applying. For exterior surfaces, we may pressure wash to lightly clean off debris. Nail holes, joins and like imperfections shall be repaired, puttied and/or sanded where necessary. All this is done to ensure that the final finish not only adheres to the surface, but also looks beautiful and lasts a long time.

Our On-site Project Manager is at your site everyday monitoring the activity to make sure that our quality is upheld and costs are controlled.

We understand that we are entering your workspace, so we take great care when we are onsite. We are professionals and respect your space and respect your space so that your business can continue to run smoothly.

We stand by our work so you are 100% satisfied. We work diligently through the process so that the end result is beautiful and up to your expectations.



Our customers ask us why the quality of our paint finish is so much better and why the paint job holds up much longer. To answer this important question, we refer them to our comprehensive Painting Process.Over the last 12 years we have perfected this process and we follow it on every job we do. It’s this process that gives us a fantastic final result and many happy customers. The painters at Arizona Painting Company are all trained in each of these aspects and we take great pride on each and every painting job to ensure it is done right the first time! Every house is a little different so the process may vary slightly depending on what your home needs but here is our typical interior house painting process.

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If you elected to have us move your furniture we will at this time move all items to the middle of the room and take down blinds.You will be given the option to prep the room or rooms yourself or we can do it for you. This involves moving the furniture away from the walls to the center of the room, along with all window dressings.  We also remove all plug covers and ceiling vent covers as necessary
All doors, windows and fixtures that will not be painted will be masked for protection. Floors and furniture will be covered with plastic to protect them from paint splatter. Wood floors may need extra protection; rosin paper adds an extra layer and reduce any chances of scratches.All unpainted areas (where we are working) will be covered with plastic to protect the floors and furniture from drips or spills.  Wood flooring will be covered with rosin paper to give an extra layer of protection so the floors do not get scratched.  We tape the plastic down to the edge of the trim so there are chances of the plastic moving and leaving an area exposed.
We will wipe down any dusty or dirty surfaces such as baseboards, tops of shelving, tops of door frames, or any areas that need it.  Painting on a clean surface is necessary to prevent future peeling.  All surfaces to be painted will be cleaned to remove any dirt or dust that could affect the painting process. This helps improve the paint adhesion and extend the life of the paint.
All cracks, corner beads, dents, and texture repairs will be done to give the areas time to dry prior to paint being applied.
Any loose paint on the surfaces will be scraped and removed to ensure a smooth surface for paint adhesion. Any areas that need additional smoothing will be sanded.We will sand where needed to allow for proper adhesion of the finish coat.All loose paint will be removed.
Any cracks between windows, doors or trim that need sealing will be caulked before we begin painting.We will recaulk all baseboards, door jambs, window frames, anywhere the current caulking is cracked or missing.
Ceilings are typically sprayed to give a consistent finish, walls are typically rolled with 2 full coats of paint for proper coverage.  We prefer to use a 18″ roller for larger jobs and a 12″ roller for smaller jobs.  Roll from ceiling to floor in smooth strokes, don’t stop halfway up the wall or you will see lines once the job is done.  The key is to keep a wet edge and if you need to take a break paint completely to the nearest corner before you to.For a cohesive look, ceilings are usually sprayed while walls are done using rollers. We apply two coats to the walls in even, complete strokes for a professional finish. Our expert painters know the tricks to ensuring no lines or breaks in the surface are noticeable using our tested techniques.
The process of cutting in or painting the edges in a room is the most difficult and important aspect to a professional finish. Using the right brush and technique can make a big difference in the overall look of a room. Our expert painters know how to use the best techniques for cutting in for a fantastic finish.This is the most difficult part of painting.  We train our crews to remember “slow is fast.”  Dip the brush in the can, give it a shake, then wipe half of your brush off.  This will allow the brush to “cut” as you paint the edge with a slight angle.  You should be able to cut about 3-4 feet before you will have to re-dip your brush.  Remember the key here is to go slow with long, smooth, strokes, this will give the best cut line.
We cleanup after ourselves, we take off all the masking from your windows, doors and floors. We cleanup any loose paint chips and we pack up all of our stuff to go with us. You won’t be stuck cleaning up after us like many other house painters.We are not finished painting until every piece of masking tape, plastic, resin paper and equipment is gone from your home or business. You will not be left with a mess from our crews like many other painting companies.
When the project is completed, the crew foreman will inspect the work of his crew and fix any issues before doing a final inspection with you. Once you are completely satisfied after your inspection, we will finalize the job and bid you farewell.The on-site foreman does a full walkthrough and inspects the entire job to make sure it matches our quality standards. Once he is done, he then will ask you to do a final walk through to make sure you are pleased with the job prior to us leaving.



Our customers ask us why the quality of our paint finish is so much better and why the paint job holds up much longer. To answer this important question, we refer them to our comprehensive Painting Process.At Mark Bellingham Painting, we have a meticulous process when painting our customers’ homes. We don’t cut corners. We use only the highest quality products and industry techniques to provide an outstanding paint job that we can both admire. Please take a moment to view our processes below for painting both the exterior and interior of your home.

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 » Pressure wash 1-2 weeks prior to painting to allow for a completely dry surface      » Remove dirt, mildew & mineral deposits       » Pre-treat any mildew with bleach solution The leading cause of paint failure is improper Surface Preparation. This step, when carefully performed, will improve the paint bond. We will wash the house to remove all the dirt and grime and to neutralize mold and mildew. The detergent used is phosphate-free and will not harm landscaping or the environment. Neutralizing mold and mildew is extremely important. If mold and mildew are not neutralized, they will continue to grow underneath the new coats of paint and cause the new paint job to fail permanently. Additionally, mildewcide is contained in the paint we apply to help retard the growth of new airborne mold and mildew.

Complete caulking/repairs several days prior to painting to allow the caulk to properly cure       » Inspect home thoroughly for any damages      » Recommend any necessary repairs to prevent paint failure and water problem      » Make any repairs you authorize such as siding, trim and brick molding, kick out roof flashing, etc       » Apply polyurethane caulk Over time, the failure to make Caulking/Repairs to the home exterior will result in water damage.In many cases, failing paint contributes to water problems. We inspect to ensure that all aspects of the home exterior are properly functioning. It benefits both you and Finaltone to find and correct these problems, protecting your investment and our good reputation. All loose, peeling, and blistering paint will be removed by specially shaped hand scrapers. We will also hand sand using various grades of sandpaper, and a variety of power sanders. If necessary, loose and broken window glazing will be removed. Wood sash will then be primed and reglazed. Loose and deteriorating caulk will be removed and replaced with new caulk. Large seams or gaps will first be pre-filled with compressible foam and then caulked. Special attention will be paid to areas where water may leak into the house, such as above window frames. Nail holes and other small holes will be patched and primed. Raised and rusty nails will be countersunk, patched, and primed. Bare wood will be primed with a stain-sealing primer. Horizontal openings under boards in lap siding are normal and allow for the house to “breathe” and prevent moisture from being trapped in the walls. They will not be caulked for this reason.

Mask all surfaces not to be painted       » Remove fixtures       » Cover landscaping, patios & sidewalks       » We only paint what you want painted! Following proper Masking procedures will prevent unsightly over spray being left behind when the job is complete. During the painting process, some over spray is inevitable. Finaltone takes all necessary precautions to prevent accidents from damaging surrounding areas.

  » Scrape/sand any loose & peeling paint       » Paint siding & soffits with first paint coat       » Spray application of first paint coat on large surface areas       » Back brush all painted surfaces following first coat to ensure complete adhesion and durability      » Apply second paint coat       » Back brush second paint coat       » Apply paint coat to trim using a brush or roller The quality of the Paint Application process will determine the new paint job’s visual appeal. Many other painting companies “save” a lot of time and effort during the Paint Application by skipping two important steps, namely, back brushing and application of two coats. Finaltone does not take these quick shortcuts, and the result is a high quality paint job that lasts much longer with better color retention. Surfaces that are bare, have been patched, caulked or filled will have a premium quality stain-sealing, full-bodied prime coat applied, tinted to the paint color. Premium quality professional grade Benjamin-Moore or Kelly-Moore paint will then be applied. All paint manufacturers make several grades of paint, from premium grade (the best) to contractor grade (mostly for new “tract” homes) to homeowner grade for the do-it-yourselfer. We use only premium grade paint.
     » Remove masking from your home.       » Return patio furniture, plants, downspouts, shutters and other items moved during painting to their original location      » Remove equipment and garbage       » Provide you with paint used on your project for use on future projects or touch-ups Finally, the final step is the thorough Clean-Up Process that restores your home and yard to order. When we leave, you will be able to enjoy your home’s new look! Sidewalks, driveways, and grounds will be protected. Plants, shrubs, and trees will be tied back and covered. Care will be taken to keep interference with neighbors to a minimum. The job site will be cleaned up and all trash will be removed at the end of the job. Any paint drips that fall on windows will be removed. We will leave touchup paint in marked cans of all colors used on your project.
  • Walk the completed job with the owner, John Haas or his partner, Josh Nye before paying.
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